The New Wiggle N1

I’ve had this blog set up for a good long time now and managed to fill it with a good solid chunk of bugger all. Even after repaying my annual subscription I still only have a few half hearted posts about video games, simply due to my lack of inspiration and wondering if anything I have to say is of any value to you, the reader.
Well, after reading a little article on blogging the one piece of advice that struck me was that I should be putting up posts about things that I’m really passionate about. Something that I can find myself thinking about when I’m not even considering putting it on the blog. I thought about it for a short time and finally arrived upon an idea.
My greatest passion can only be pen and paper role playing, specifically Dungeons & Dragons.
Now, my role playing group and I have found that we have less and less time to be able to play of late, but I still love to create the adventures. I have a backlog of adventures, both complete and half way finished, that we’re very unlikely to be able to play any time soon. With that in mind I have decided to put them here. For you.
This is my Dungeons & Dragons adventure resource. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
I intend to provide you wonderful people with pre-made adventures and other useful bits and bobs for you to steal, rip, copy and use to your hearts content. All for free.
Adventures are split into levels, stating the intended level of the party taking part.